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Federation of Nova Scotia Woodland Owners Sustainable Forest Management Policy

The Federation of Nova Scotia Woodland Owners is committed to promoting forest management practices that contribute to the long-term health and productivity of Nova Scotia’s small, privately-owned woodland. As a representative of small-private woodland owners, we will provide training and resources to help them manage their forests in a fashion that balances ecology with economic potential.

Programs administered by the Federation of Nova Scotia Woodland Owners will be based on the following forest management goals:

      1. Encourage multiple use of woodland

      2. Protect biological diversity

      3. Maintain forest soil productivity and water quality

      4. Conserve identified species-at-risk and significant habitats

      5. Protect areas of cultural, historical, geological or archaeological significance

We will meet these goals by ensuring that staff, contractors, operators and woodland owners enrolled in Federation programs operate in compliance with applicable Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws, acts and regulations pertaining to forest management activities and in conformance with requirements of the CSA Z804-08 Standard, and provincial Best Management Practices. A list of these regulations and a copy of the CSA Z804 Standard is available on our website. The provincial Best Management Practices guide is available upon request. Periodic training on meeting these requirements will be provided to participating landowners by the Federation.  

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