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FSC and CSA-Z804 Woodlot Certification Program

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The NS Department of Natural Resources is currently funding the initiative for woodlot owners in the province to get their woodlots certified to an internationally-recognized forest management standard. The FNSWO has adopted the CSA Z804 and the FSC Maritime standard for use in our program. With a small, up-front buy in from the landowner (25% of the cost of developing a management plan) plus a nominal annual fee of $150/year, participants will enjoy access to a wide variety of practical and empowering forest management tools.

Our current funding contract with DNR allows us to subsidize 75% of the cost of a management plan, which is the first step in getting certified. Depending on the size of the property, a plan runs anywhere from $900-$3000, with an average price of about $1400. So, economic benefit number one is 75% savings on that cost. Besides joining a pool of certified woodlots, a management plan allows you to work your woodlot with a long-term, ecological approach and can also aid in eligibility for the Intergenerational Tax Transfer program with the federal government. For more info on this, visit

The DNR funding also facilitates subsidized training courses for landowners. So far some of these courses have included:
 - Provincial Best Management Practices (for environmental protection while conducting forestry operations)
 - Introductory and Advanced training on the province’s new Forest Ecosystem Classification system
 - GPS for Woodlot Management
 - First Aid and WHMIS
 - Wood Marketing and Landowner networking
 - Uneven-aged forest management (Category 7) awareness and technical support

The Federation also provides a one-day, annual visit to each certified woodlot to ensure things are running smoothly, and to provide technical assistance either on the ground or in the office. A forest management consultant normally runs about $400/day and this annual service is provided to you (along with the above-mentioned items) for just $150/year.

Annual, third-party audits must be conducted to maintain the FSC and CSA group certificates. These audits run between $15-20K/year, and if shared equally between all existing participants, that would equal about $600/year. Again, this is all included in your annual operating fee of $150.

Beyond these bigger-ticket items, participants also receive contact with myself and other technical coordinators to help with answering forest management questions; quarterly newsletters about what’s going on in forestry around the province; included in our email list for notifications about events and news in the woodlot sector.

So to summarize, participating in the CSA or FSC program means:
1.    75% subsidized management plan
2.    Access to fully subsidized training programs
3.    Annual technical consulting day with a program coordinator or forest tech
4.    Subsidized third-party audits
5.    Phone and email access to program coordinator for technical support
6.    Newsletters and email notifications about provincial and federal forestry and woodlot-sector news


CSA Z804 Program Reports

FNSWO CSA Z804 Registration Certificate

FNSWO CSA_Z804 Registration Audit Report

FNSWO CSA_Z804 2011 Audit Report

2010 Certification Annual Report

2011 Certification Annual Report

2012 Certification Annual Report

FNSWO CSA Z804 2012 Audit Report

FNSWO FSC 2012 Audit Report

2013 Certification Annual Report

Regulatory Requirements

The Federation's CSA Z804 certification program and all participants of the program must act in compliance with applicable legislation. Internal audits, monitoring activities and site inspections will be used to determine the level of legal compliance of the management and participants within the program.

The following is a simple list of applicable legislation at the federal and provincial levels. List of Federal and Provincial Regulations

Municipal regulations are generally restricted to watershed protection, noise control, proper waste disposal, and acquisition of permits as required for forest products processing facilities. If municipal regulations are of concern with specific forest management projects, contact the Federation's projects coordinator, or your local municipal office.

Searching for Regulations

Click here to search for complete Provincial Acts and Regulations

Click here to search for complete Federal Acts and Regulations

For both the Federal and Provincial search websites:

- Click on the list we provided above

- Copy the title of the act or regulation you are interested in and paste it into the appropriate "search" area.

- For additional help, please contact us

Certification Resources

Provincially accepted best management practices guide Nova Scotia BMPs

Looking for a forest contractor or consultant in your area? Check out The Nova Forest Alliance's
Forest Service Directory

Interested in managing your own woodlot? The Department of Natural Resources "Woodlot Management Home Study Program " might be just the thing for you.

Wondering about species at risk? Check out the "website for Nova Scotia's Species at Risk recovery teams and recovery projects"

The Canadian Council of Forest Ministers (CCFM) designed the "Criteria and Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management in Canada - National Report 2005" as a science based framework used to define and measure Canada's progress in sustainable forest management. The criteria represent forest values that Canadians want to enhance or sustain, while indicators identify scientific factors to assess the state of the forests and measure progress over time. The CSA Z804 Standard was created based on the CCFM Criteria and Indicators. Click here to review the report.

FNSWO is committed to the 10 FSC principles of Forest Management

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