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Membership in the Federation is open to woodland owners in Nova Scotia owning less then 5000 acres. An owner may be an individual, a legal taxable entity (i.e. business) or any organization of woodland owners whose purpose is to represent the collective interests of its members.Each member has one vote and is entitled to vote at any Federation meeting. Any Federation member may stand for election to the Board of Directors (elected at annual general meetings). To ensure that woodland owners from all parts of Nova Scotia are represented, directors are elected by region. Members from each region (Eastern, Western, Central) elect three directors to the board. This nine person Board of Directors manages the activities of the Federation.

How to Join

Changes to Federation Membership Fees

During last year's annual general meeting, members in attendance voted on whether or not the Federation should be charging and annual membership fee. In the past, the cost of membership was a one-time $20.00 fee. As a result of the voting, we will now be charging a $20.00 annual membership fee for individual woodlot owner members. The majority of members who voted on this issue felt a $20.00 annual fee was reasonable for the present and potential services and lobby efforts of the Federation.

To accommodate the change in membership fees, the Federation has created the following guidelines:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new membership fee structure, please contact us at or (902)-639-2041

Membership Form (click here)

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